CrossFit Debrecen

Tamás Sebők

Hi, I’m Tamás Sebők. A little bit about myself: I’ve tried a lot of sports in my life, but I’ve been taking it really seriously since I was 16, when I started going to Thai boxing workouts. After 1 year, I switched to MMA due to a training change, which also requires quite hard endurance and stamina. Around my graduation, I felt that 2 hours of training a day didn’t quite fit in with learning, so I started looking for a sport that could improve both my stamina and endurance. That’s when I found out about CrossFit. I really liked the variety, that you have to be good at running, swimming and rowing, but at the same time you have to be strong and be able to handle weights well even in gymnastics. So I liked the diversity of this sport. I have been active since the beginning and in 2015 I participated in the first CrossFit competition of my life, which I managed to win. This was a great motivation for further hard work. I have been coaching group and personal trainings since 2016. In CFD I will be coaching CrossFit and weightlifting classes and personal trainings, I look forward to see everyone.