CrossFit Debrecen

melinda KATHI

My name is Melinda Kathi. I have been doing sports since my childhood. Since 2011, training rooms, weights and different functional trainings are daily parts of my life.

I gained my diploma as Bodybuilding and Fitness Instructor in 2013 and since then I have been a personal trainer. In November 2016, I joined CorssFit Debrecen where I have beginners’ CrossFit trainings.

My goal is to spread my love of sport to people and to teach them the basic principles of healthy lifestyle, which they can maintain on the long run without any obstacles.

During my beginners’ CrossFit trainings you can get to know the basic exercises, techniques and you will be prepared gradually to the more intense trainings. Mobilization techniques, gymnastics, weightlifting and conditioning trainings are in the focus of these trainings.

I invite all of you to my beginners’ CrossFit courses or to a personal training at CrossFit Debrecen.