CrossFit Debrecen


Hey everyone, 
I am Judit Hornyák, CrossFit L1 trainer and Olympic Weightlifting coach. 
My path of sport activities started with joining a TRX class several years ago, which quickly turned into an interest about CrossFit. As TRX provided a solid basis for CrossFit, my personal development was pretty fast, prooved by the constant improvement of my performance. 
That was the reason why I decided to complete the CrossFit Level 1 course so that I can share my knowledge and support others in their own journey of improvement. 
If you want to live a healthy life and you want to complement it with a constantly varying, challenging sport which is available for every age group and provides spectacular results, then CrossFit is for you. So join CrossFit Debrecen, where we not only guarantee professional training sessions, but an amazing community and fantastic mood classes.