CrossFit Debrecen

Irén Rácz

Hi everybody! My name is Irén Rácz.


I’ve been working with children for 12 years. As a P.E. teacher and a trainer it’s very important to me to show the kids how to do the different exercises precisely and properly. Children learn a wide variety of movements in a playful manner during the crossfit training. They are motivated by their mates and their trainers, get to love doing sports and their physical as well as mental health will be developed.


I’ve been doing sports including MMA, kick box, steeplechase and crossfit for 25 years. I’ve learnt how to achieve my goals and never give up by doing sports. 

I’ve taken in parts in several amateur and professional, national and international competitions.

My successes:

1st place:- Iceland world championship, spartan race beast, super and ultrabeast category

               – extreme trail

               – crossfit master

3rd place: crossfit organica (team result)

5th, 7th, 12th places: MMA professional championship

National champion: kick box, box