CrossFit Debrecen

Gergely FÉKI

I’m Gergely Féki. I’ve been working as a physiotherapist in the Kenézy Hospital’s Rehabilitation Department since 2012. My main area of expertise is rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries. I’ve done different kind of sports since my childhood so I’ve learnt how to enjoy moving and because of my profession I’ve learnt the importance of it. During my college years I’ve tried TRX and Kettlebell training and I enjoyed these kind of functional movements, so it was an obvious choice to start CrossFit too. In this sport I can mention two major things which make it unique in my eyes: the intense workouts and the superb community. A community where you are important and you sweat and suffer together with your buddies to achieve your goals. Education: TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course (2013) Sports Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Trainer (2013-2015) Dynamic Taping (2017) Medical Flossing – Level 1(2018) Sports Nutrition and Supplementation Course (2018) CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2018) CrossFit Gymnastics Course (2019)