Suspension training equipments became poplura word-widely 4-5 years ago. The best-know brand is TRX on the market.

Essentially, it means bodyweight training, which is reflected by the motto of TRX: Make your body you machine.

Generally speaking this is how it works: these equipments have a suspension point from which there is a rope hanging. You have to grab this with your hands or insert your feet in the hook and do different exercises.

A few pros for TRX:

1.)      Personalized use: due to its variability you may use it for physiotherapic purposes as well as strength training of top athletes. It can be used as part of mobilizing, stabilizing and endurance training in strength trainings.

2.)      Adjustability of difficulty level: stepping forward to the suspension point the exercise gets more difficult and vice versa. (But obviously no one will hunt for the easy prey in the CrossFit Debrecen training hall.) J

3.)      Development of core muscles:

4.)    Diversity: if you don’t like the boring monotonicity of trainings then TRX is for You. All the exercises can be altered by the change of the suspension point and can be combined with many elements such as kettlebell, Stability pillow, Bosu, D-Band, etc…