Being hard on yourself

We have all been there. You are busy with a workout or a task at hand and something inside you says: “it’s OK if you don’t do it”. Or you are busy with a workout and you know you have 1 more rep but, you decided to stop before its done, or my favourite,  you […]

Aesthetics or Function ?

Self-awareness in the body starts with a projection of how the body looks in the brain. There is a part of the brain that has in imaging projection of what the body looks like.

Another thought on ankle mobility


In today’s day and age ankle mobility is highly required but very much lacked. From dorsie flexion, plantar flexion, abduction, adduction, pronation and supination.

Could back pain come from our feet?

feet pain

I often start by asking this question: “What would happen if we covered our hands with gloves the whole day, every day for months and years?”

Why do we have brains?


Have you ever thought about this? I recently stumbled upon a video from Daniel Wolpert (neuroscientist and engineer). What he spoke about was quite fascinating to me.

Let’s talk spines…


Back pain costs governments millions of dollars every year. Yet, as a society we have never been so aware of our spines and how important it is for us.