We have all been there. You are busy with a workout or a task at hand and something inside you says: “it’s OK if you don’t do it”. Or you are busy with a workout and you know you have 1 more rep but, you decided to stop before its done, or my favourite,  you do all he reps but you know you have done NO REPS but, you still count the “bad” reps.
Success and discipline in life start with the small things. From calling yourself out when performing a no rep all the way through to doing some chores at home or studying for that big exam. Creating small successes in your life with the small things will most definitely transfer to the big things. Like saving for a car/house or staying on your diet to create the perfect body that you always wanted.
To help you getting started here are 3 easy ways to get going:
1. Find your self a great and supporting community – like-minded people can influence you very easy. (CrossFit Debrecen haha)
2. Call yourself out for bullshit. Say it how it is and don’t colour cote it just to make an excuse.
3. Don’t procrastinate – if you want something done, then get off your ass and do it. Make it happen for yourself. If you keep pushing it off, it might never happen.
Help yourself and make that change now!! Not tomorrow, not in one hour. NOW!!!

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