Self-awareness in the body starts with a projection of how the body looks in the brain. There is a part of the brain that has in imaging projection of what the body looks like. This image projection of the body is not as we perceive the body as it  looks like in the mirror. It is completely different. It is called Homunculus.

This Homunculus is a projection of, where on the body we have the most complex patterns and most dense receptors. It is projected on the Postcentral gyrus in the brain, and it is the image of a man with enormous lips and hands. This is the reason why babies always touch everything with their hands and put everything in their mouth. The most receptor pattern recognition comes from the hands and the mouth. These motor patterns and places are the first to develop in order to feed and survive.

We as humans can manipulate the body in special ways making us the most complex movers. From early ages we are able to copy primal patterns and we’re also able to create new ones. The body doesn’t care how its muscles look in the mirror, it cares about which patterns it can form in order to complete function or task. These motor patterns through our nervous system are what give us the ability to learn: to be able to accomplish the task whether it is gathering or hunting.

Let me ask you this question: Are you going to care how you look in the mirror when you are 80 years old or do you rather want to be one of those people who will be able to move in patterns and have youthfulness in their elderly age?

Train the body through movement complexity and not in vanity.

Inspired by Ido portal and Moshe Felsenkrais

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