I often start by asking this question: “What would happen if we covered our hands with gloves the whole day, every day for months and years?”

Well, this is what we are actually doing to our feet. Day in and day out, we cover them in socks and shoes.
The foot’s structure is very similar (in terms of anatomy) as the hand. It contains many similar muscles that can also be found in the hand.
The small bones in the foot are meant to articulate, move, spin, rotate and glide over each other. But our current lifestyle has led them to be ridged and fused and the muscles have no function and connection with the brain anymore.
Stiffness and pain in the feet have become the norm in society.

We have 3 major arches on our feet:
The medial longitudinal arch (marked with black).
The lateral longitudinal arch (marked with white).
And the transverse arch (marked with red).

These are the arches of my 15 months old son. Still perfectly developing.
These arches are there to maintain structure and support the kinetics of the foot. More than 60% of people have collapsed arches.
When these arches collapse it can have a massive effect in the kinetic chain, even leading to chronic back pain and headaches.

Patients and athletes regularly come with complaints about pain on top of their foot, heel, toes, or under their foot.
This is very often caused by poor foot mechanics. For example: modern technology and media have us believe that certain shoes are the healthy choice for us. As far as I know our primitive hunter and gatherer ancestors didn’t run around in sneakers or flip flops.

We need to reconnect our feet with what they are supposed to do and stop letting the media influence us. Drop the shoes and socks as much as you can and walk barefoot in the sand or on pebbles, climb on things barefoot and pick up things with your toes just like little kids do.

Take care of your feet,
You only have two.

JA Myburgh

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